Brief History

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Like the rest of the country in the 1930s, the development of industry and agriculture in the Southern Urals required to attract highly qualified personnel. The task of preparing them for the factories, collective farms and state farms is becoming very important.

In June 1930 by decision of the Sovnarkom of the USSR in Chelyabinsk was created the first institution of higher education of the city - Ural Institute of industrial agriculture, shortly after it changed name to the Ural Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture, and in 1931 received a permanent residence in a building on Krasnaya Str., 38 , where there is now the faculty of electrification and automation of agricultural production.

CSAA - the first university in Chelyabinsk

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Chelyabinsk State Agroengineering Academy was established in 1930 as the Ural Institute of industrial agriculture – the first higher institution for training of engineers and scientists in Chelyabinsk

Today CSAA is innovative, teaching and consulting center of higher agricultural education of Ural region by training highly qualified farming center, able to organize efficient production of high-quality and competitive products, sustainable rural development and food security of the Russian Federation.